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ACI & UAE Chapter Host Education Program At Big 5 Dubai 2019

Nov. 26, 2019

The American Concrete Institute and the ACI UAE Chapter hosted a day long education program at the Big 5 Show in Dubai, UAE, November 25-28, 2019.

The daylong program, presented by members of the ACI UAE Chapter, gave attendees an introduction to ACI and its mission to develop and disseminate concrete knowledge. Attendees were also able to have an in-depth look into topics including cracking, certification and inspection of ready-mix plants, recycled aggregates, and ACI 318-19 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.

The UAE Chapter education program attracted more than 150 people. Presented by Khaled Nahlawi, PhD, PE, Salah Altoubat, PhD, Nancy Kachouh, PhD Student, Yusuf Abu Sadaa, and Bill Hutton, attendees had the opportunity to ask these experts more in-depth questions about the presented topics and about ACI’s activities in the Middle East.


In addition to the presentation, ACI talked with Big 5 attendees in the exhibit hall about the Institute’s technical resources, membership opportunities, and the recently released ACI 318-19.

Partnering with The Big 5 is one of the ways ACI is establishing stronger relationships with organizations internationally. ACI maintains its relationship with the international concrete community through its participation in international events, its active and influential International Chapters, its collaboration with International Partners, and through its Ambassador Speaker Program.

ACI UAE Chapter Hosts Reception with ACI President

Nov. 25, 2019

The ACI UAE Chapter hosted their Concrete Mixer reception on November 25, 2019, in Dubai, following their full-day education program at The Big 5 Show.

UAE Chapter President Fouad Yazbeck welcomed both chapter members and working professionals, along with students from a variety of concrete related backgrounds and gave a brief introduction about the chapter. ACI President Randall Poston presented Yazbeck and the UAE Chapter a special token in appreciation of the hard work of the members. ACI Middle East Regional Director Ahmad Mhanna was also on hand to congratulate the chapter on growing to more than 100 members over the course of a year, attracting members from across the United Arab Emirates.

ACI UAE Chapter President Speaks at ACI Concrete Conference on Materials & Design

Nov. 18, 2019

ACI UAE Chapter President, Fouad Yazbeck delivered a presentation on Supplementary Cementitious Materials at the ACI Concrete Conference on Materials & Design, 17-18 November, 2019, in Amman, Jordan.

This two-day conference attracted nearly 200 attendees from various countries including Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. Hosted at the Jordan Royal Scientific Society, leading experts were on hand to teach concrete professionals about topics such as fiber-reinforced polymer composites for reinforced-concrete construction, mass concrete, and troubleshooting concrete construction. Dr. Randall Poston, ACI president & past chair of ACI Committee 318, Structural Concrete Building Code, led a full-day session on the newly-released ACI 318-19 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.

Event speakers included:

Dr. Randall Poston – ACI President, Pivot Engineers

Dr. Ahmad Shuriam – Chairman, Structural Committee, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Region Building Codes

Mr. William Gold – BASF Corporation

Mr. Ahmad Mhanna – ACI Middle East Regional Director

Dr. Khaled Nahlawi – ACI Engineer

Dr. Charles Nmai – BASF Corporation

Mr. Fouad Yazbeck – Unimix

Ms. Kari L. Yuers – Kryton International Inc

ACI UAE Chapter Dinner Meeting

Oct. 29, 2019

The UAE Chapter conducted its 4th meeting on October 29 in Media City. Dr. Gerd Birkle, Calatrava International Inc., presented on the design and construction of the Dubai Creek Tower.

This structure, after being built, will be the tallest tower in the world! Dr. Birkle is based in Dubai and provides local engineering leadership and technical support to all Calatrava regional projects and has over 15 years’ experience in design and construction of infrastructure as well as buildings. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Dr. Birkle!

ACI UAE chapter at Big 5 Egypt

Sep. 2, 2019

Khalil Al-Mbaideen, ACI UAE chapter member has delivered a technical presentation at Big 5 Egypt 2019 on Concrete Fiber - Materials, Applications and Testing.

The presentation highlighted topics on how the fiber work in concrete and the mechanism of failure if happened and advantages of using the fiber in concrete and the fiber classifications

In addition, three main fiber tests have been addressed (ASTM C1609/C1609M, ASTM C1399/C1399M and ASTM C1550)