About Us


The ACI UAE Chapter is an organization for anyone with interest in concrete. The chapter mission is aligned with ACI international mission - to develop, disseminate, and advance the adoption of ACI consensus-based knowledge on concrete and its uses.

ACI UAE CHAPTER operates to support students, engineers, contractors and material suppliers in the concrete industry across the UAE.

ACI UAE Chapter host seminars, conferences and meetings which is a professional networking opportunity for members to network with others in the concrete industry, maintaining professional relationships, exchange ideas, identify best practices, and stay on the cutting edge of construction technology and new business trends.

ACI UAE Chapter welcome new members who want to help support concrete industry in UAE. Membership in the Chapter is separate from membership in ACI international. You do not have to be an ACI member to be a member of the UAE Chapter, although ACI membership is strongly encouraged.

ACI international members are not automatically enrolled as UAE Chapter Members.